Granola Recipe!!

So I was diagnosed with 9 food allergies at 17 years old, I was overwhelmed at first by trying to cut out corn, wheat, and soy alone was real hard. But when I was diagnosed with 13 more food allergies in January of this year I was a little less overwhelmed because I knew how to handle it better… But when I was diagnosed with more food allergies on June 10th…

I basically went come on body….. You need to calm down… Food is okay please don’t kill me because you don’t want to eat….

So basically I have about 7 maybe 8 safe foods right now… But I wanted to give you a recipe I am using for granola… SO… Lets go

First off to make granola you need to set the oven to 350

  1. Ingentes
  2.             4 cup oats
  3.            ½ cup maple syrup or honey
  4.            2 cups of either coconut or nuts or dried fruit or whatever
  5.           ¼ cup oil or coconut oil or butter
  6. In a lauge bowl mix oats and honey/maple syrup then add everything else
  7. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or golden brown
  8. Let cool for 20 minutes then eat!

So thats my granola recipe… .Its pretty good!

Food allergies will always be strange weird food allergies make everything random. I’m allergic to black pepper and so far its been my strangest food allergy… If you have any strange food allergies let me know in the comments I loved to talk about strange food allergies!!!


But no matter what don’t get overwhelmed by food allergies you can handle anything…. Life is hard, chronic illnesses are hard, but believe me things will become easier….well easier in a way but never all the way easier. Life is just over all hard…… Don’t worry your not alone..


You can email me or comment on here if you feel alone or have any questions…


Thanks for reading!!!

This has been Shay-De Foodie Friday!

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