To A Person Newly Diagnosed With Food Allergies


  1. First off get your epipen or AuviQ and carry it with you. No matter what. Even if you’ve never been in anaphylactic shock you can go into anaphylactic shock. Every reaction is different and reactions can get worse.
  2. Read Everything, learn everything about your food allergy. The more you know the better off you are.
  3. The top Food allergies in the U.S. are shown on the back of the box, if you have an allergy to say corn or sesame you have to know all the names they go by or else you could have an reaction because of it.
  4. Food allergies can be serious, they can be deadly, put that in your mind. Let yourself take your food allergy serious.
  5. Please don’t feel silly for asking questions, don’t worry about bothering someone at a restaurant or at the coffee shop, its okay just leave a good tip. You aren’t bothering them. Going into anaphylactic shock is more of a bother then asking questions.
  6. It’s okay to cry in the store when you find out you can’t have something you wanted. Thats totally acceptable.
  7. It gets easier, I know you’ve most likely heard this, but it does. I promise it gets easier everyday.
  8. You won’t get a break. You won’t get a day off, but personally after having food allergies for over 5 years now I go days without really thinking much about it.
  9. You will start to check every label even when you aren’t eating. Its sorta funny.
  10. This isn’t the end of the world, that was in 2012 right?
  11. Food allergies… They are just there.. Keep up the good work you can do it.


I promise that food allergies will get easier with time. But they also get weirder and funnier, I’ve laughed as I rode in the back of the ambulance, epipens will never really get easier to use but you will have a strange love for them. Because when they save your life you will love it for doing so.


This has been Shay-De Foodie Friday..

Shayweasel it!!

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