To The Girl Whose Mom Apologized For Your Behavior

I have wrote this post twice, but something was off about it. So I rewrote it, because I think I was talking to the wrong person.

I was at Target when I stood behind this lady and her daughter, her daughter was bouncing and she was talking to me, she seemed hyper but not to much out of the ordinary. Her mom then said sorry, she said sorry and that her daughter was autistic.

This hit me. It hurt my heart, not because the little girl was autistic but because her mom was saying sorry, now when I first started writing this, I was talking to the mom, but I want to write this to the little girl.

IMG_5147 (2)

  You are awesome, what you are doing, this hyperness is awesome, find ways to use this hyperness for something you really want or need. I use mine to clean and to write things. Don’t find one passion find a bunch of them, make them all across the board, and be random. You aren’t a mistakes you are a fantastically strange human but that’s a good thing, we need you in this world to make it better. Now you might be asking me why are you telling me all this? And how do you know?

  I have the answers to these questions, I’m like you, in a weird way we are alike. In a way some people see as a writing off as something I see as a cool way to look at a tree. I like trees I take photos of planets and I love things that move, so anything. I’m autistic, like you. I have a disorder in my brain that for some reason makes me different from the rest of the world. Now your mom she is doing her best, but she is just saying sorry because she doesn’t know that you understand her, but I saw your eyes, you got it. And I know if you are like me you’re going to go over that moment and try to see what you did wrong and when you can’t find out what you did wrong you will cry.

   You didn’t do anything wrong, your brain is just different but your fantastic, because you can think differently and because you do things in different ways you can change the world, you will and can. Just keep trying don’t give up on yourself.

   I know people will look at you weird, and when you have an overload of emotions or what some see as a panic attack, just let it come. Get it out, cry and scream, and let it be. Possibly try to do it in the bathroom, but let the emotions happen. Let yourself feel the emotion.   

  Your parents and family they won’t always understand you, but try not to let that bother you, let yourself be okay with no one understanding you all the time. But be okay, with you understanding yourself, try and find what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about..

  I love taking photos, and I love older people and children, I like the color purple, but don’t wear it a lot. I love things and I hate things. I have a list in my head. You will be okay, this isn’t the end.

  When people talk like you’re not there just act like they are talking about a panda who lives on the moon, and believe me people will talk like you aren’t there, be happy with yourself.

 I personally like to tell myself that no matter what I can’t do anything to change the way I am, so I like to accept who I am, and embrace it.

  Don’t let everyone tell you how weird you are or how they can cure you. I promise things will get hard, but that’s okay, keep pressing on. Keep going you are fantastically you are funny and you make everything better.


 I know as someone who has read all kinds of things about life and about disease, things are great, So this was suppose to be Shay-De Foodie Friday it will be up later, I promise I just thought this was more important.

Shayweasel out!

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