It Takes A Lot to Look This Good – Financially

it takes a lot to look this good!!!

I was looking over my insurance statement that they send me once a month. This one they send me is for my pharmaceuticals.

My seizure med which is a newer very expensive drug. It cost almost $2000 a MONTH for 60 pills. I’m on the highest dosage you can be on. The medicine has helped improve my life very much so! But it’s $2000 dollars every month. If I didn’t have an insurance that paid for it I wouldn’t be getting it.

And that’s one medicine.

Every month my pharmaceutical insurance pays $3,700…

$20,058,04 for January- July 2019.. 6 months of meds cost that much. they have spent more money on me then I make through disability (my money the government gives me for being an adult who is unable to work because of a disability.) in a year.

It cost over $3,000 a month for my meds.

And that’s just my pharmaceuticals that I get at home that we are talking about. Not even all the other things keeping me running.

My insurance doesn’t pay for some of my pharmaceutical supplies that I need. I use saline flushed which is for my Hickman (central line.) I flush my line after I take IV Benadryl and any IV medicines. So the meds don’t stay in my line and i then I have heparin flush they help keep my line from causing blood clots or medication clogging my Hickman line. I take the heparin every night before bed and leave it in the line overnight.

My insurance doesn’t pay for the saline flushes or syringes for IV use, or for the Heparin and it cost between 50-80 dollars for a box of 30.

The saline flushes are between $19-60 dollars for one box of 25 flushes which I normally use at least 3 boxes a month but it normally is more so between 4-6 boxes.

Strangely enough, buying saline flushes from a pharmacy is between $40-$110 dollars a month but if I buy it on amazon it’s cheaper. By a lot. But amazon doesn’t always have it. And most pharmacies also normally doesn’t have them. It’s not easy to find.

When I haven’t had as many IV benadryls due to like for explain there was a Benadryl shortage last year caused a horrid panic and painful few months. During that time I had to buy Benadryl dye-free gel pills which equals to me taking between 15-30 or so pills a day.

I had to buy the packs which range between $3-$8 dollars for 24-48 pills… and that ended up with me spending around $120-$230 dollars a month on dye free Benadryl gel pills. $120 dollars just so I could keep trying for it to stabilization me. And sadly it didn’t keep me stable. It kept me alive.

Finding pharmacies that are willing to work with IV such medicines like IV diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is hard. I never can count on when the pharmacies to have my medicines even when I order them from them. On a regular basis I have had pharmacies help with the IV diphenhydramine and all the sudden they stop. Saying they can’t get it anymore. Now on a regular basis I mean every few weeks.

Money is hard for anyone to handle. Everyone has money trouble and stresses even if they are rich! It’s the way it is sometimes. And so you. Have to figure it out sometimes what helps and what doesn’t.

Medical bills are insanely expensive. From getting an X-ray to getting a blood test each of those can cost anywhere from $14 dollars to over 700 dollars all the way up to $1000 upon $1000s of dollars. Hospital stays are expensive when I was in a coma in June and July of 2015 I had a hospital bill of $700,000 dollars for one of the 9 bills from the same stay there. That’s insane and that was one stay. Medically money is a must-have to even get some help and good help cost more sometimes.

I’m lucky to be able to have insurance that at least pays for some!

My feeding tube supplies are crazy high prices. I have syringes for my feeding tubes, bags for the feeds, Extensions for them, I have Medical gauze for around my tube if it leaks.

2 boxes of real

food blends in each box.

Each box’s has

12 packs of feed.

I use between 3-7

Packs a day.

Each box of the real food blends has 12 real food blends pack is

Around $50 dollars

That’s around

$500 dollars a month.

Just for the feed it’s self. Not including the different things I need to use for running the feed it’s self. The bags of feed. The pump for the feeds. The syringes.

Every month it cost $1,700 dollars for the supplies and feed to have my body get proper nutrition that keeps me alive.

To sum up the cost it keeps me alive every month it’s over $6,000 dollars a month to keep me some what stable.

That’s not including the doctor visits. Dressing changes.

Besides medical things money is spent on food, rent, water, and electricity those things you have to have! And one big one for me is entertainment! I spend money on entertainment! A lot of entertainment!

I have WiFi, amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu, some cable channels, kindle unlimited, Apple Music, and a few other things.

I have these things because I need to keep myself from doing too much in one day. Entertainment is my way of learning to enjoy the simplicity of entertaining myself. With TV movies music reading talking to my friends my family. My phone is my very good friend. My kindle is a very good quite friend! I enjoy theses simple things but they have gotten me through a lot!

Instead of me paying for a team of makeup artists, hairdressers to get me to look this good! No, I got a team of doctors, nurses, family, a ship load of medical items, and a heavy backpack, friends who are beautifully weird! and most importantly the Lord!!

It takes a lot of money to look this good!

Shayweasel is looking good!

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