Rare Needs More Care

Rare diseases have changed everyone’s life in one way or another.

There are over 7000 rare diseases, and only 5% of those have treatments, no not cures, treatments.

That’s all… barely any.. rare diseases in America affect 1 in 10 people, there are more people with rare diseases then Aids and Cancers combined.

All these diseases are horrid.

Rare diseases are more so misdiagnosed with a disease that is not rare. Most of the time it takes year, lots of doctors, test, biopsy, surgeries to just find out whats going on!

Some people stay undiagnosed their whole life.

Some people who have rare diseases die within the first year of their life.

The way I learned about my rare diseases started with in the first year till now. There are things we still don’t know all what’s going on in my body.

We knew my lungs didn’t work well that having a cold at two weeks old wasn’t good. That getting pneumonia every year for the first five years of my life. We knew being able to roll over at five weeks didn’t make sense.

Slowly we learn more and more. Somethings I was diagnosed with where rare others weren’t rare.

The rare diseases are scary because not many know what’s gonna happen, we barely know any disease but we have to keep trying!

Rare needs More Care

Bring awareness is so someone in the future doesn’t die because no one was looking for the rare diseases because they didn’t know they existed

We existed. We care for you. You care about the rare… we will keep living with rare diseases and most will die with rare diseases!

Shayweasel keeps living

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