I’m Not Like Everyone Else Who Has Feeding Tube

Feeding tubes come in all shapes and sizes, literally, you have your NJ tubes those go up your nose down your esophagus to your stomach then to your small intestines. You have your GJ tube which goes into your stomach to and into your small intestines.

There are more lots more. It’s amazing how as humans can be feed.

Now don’t get me wrong but I’m not like everyone else with a feeding tube.. I don’t have it for the same reason they do. I don’t use the same foods/drinks or formula they use. There are dozens more reasons why.

But the main reason I’m not like everyone else with a feeding tube is because everyone isn’t the same.

We forget sometimes that millions of feeeding tubes are placed in people’s body.

I don’t know everyone’s story and that’s ok feeding tubes are a hopeful remind to me that there is always something to try and keep us alive.

When it comes to anything in life we aren’t the same. And that’s a good thing.

Be a tubie or at least be nice to a tubie! A tubie is someone who has a feeding tube(s).

Shayweasel is a tubie

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