mast cell activation syndrome 


Imagine slowly as you age becoming allergic to close to all things that grow outside. Imagine me the tree hugger, Gardner, green thumb, beautiful outdoor air lover who was holding a bottle of Benadryl in my backpack to make sure I had it on hand during spring.  As the seasons changed and the years went by I become allergic to more and more adding to an already long list of animals, grass, trees, dust, strong smells, and then at 17 years old I started gaining more and more food allergies. From corn to soy to wheat to cherries. They kept growing. Everytime I went to the dr I had more.  I had two epipens with me at All times. I had my Benadryl right next to it. I read everything I ate. If it was something I didn’t trust I didn’t eat. One summer I was doing mission work and lost a lot of weight because as a vegan allergic to over 30 foods I ate bananas rice and black beans mainly for the whole summer. 
   This kept getting worse. I was allergy attack away from using an epipen at all times. 

   In 2014 a doctor spoke the words mast cell activation syndrome… I wasn’t officially diagnosed till a while later. 

   I am not fearful of what I’m allergic to but I do fear of what I’m gonna become allergic to. 

  My mast cells are having way to much fun. 

   But one thing my mast cells don’t seem to understand is that I’m way stronger then them… 

I will wear a mask with a filters on it whenever I go somewhere to

Keep my allergens from upsetting my mast cells and sending me into anaphylaxis. I know had a picc line in my arm that will keep the iv Benadryl I take six times a day at least flowing into my body. I keep 6 epipens on me. My mom has benadryl, meds and epipens in her purse. She has flushed and small green caps I keep at the end of my line. My papa has epipens in his backpack he has flushes extra tape Meds for seizures flushes for my line and those little green caps. 
  Stephie and Nick im sure find these types of things around there house. Sorry about that
  My body is slowly becoming allergic to everything with no FDA treatment. Who knows what’s gonna happen but I will not fear. Because this rare ShayWeasel living inside a rare body isn’t fearful of the unknown because everything I’ve ever known is unknown. 
Soo every time I go from vampire pale to insanely red know that my mast cells are doing what they do… making anaphylaxis

Be aware of the rare 


One thought on “mast cell activation syndrome 

  1. I was just diagnosed in October (finally!). I’ve actually been having anaphylaxis episodes since about age 3 that were a mystery and am now nearly 43. I thought it was pure coincidence that I moved within 8 miles of Dr. Afrin’s practice and made an appointment with him as an afterthought while also trying to set up a new team of doctors. Now he’s one of my core doctors. We’re methodically going through OTC allergy meds (trying also dye-free). 2 weeks 1 dose daily, 2 weeks 2 doses, 2 weeks 3 doses, and if that doesn’t work, we move to the next brand and start over with 2 weeks 1 dose daily, 2 weeks 2 doses, 2 weeks 3 doses, then start with the next one. After that he moves me onto prescription medications. Benadryl is like taking tic tacs for me, unfortunately. I also take two different acid reflux medications, which is common for those of us with MCAS. I also take montelukast with the other prescriptions and haven’t stopped. This is a crazy disease, but the more I tell people about it, the more the light bulb goes on for them too. Dr. Afrin believes that it’s far more common than is actually known but because it’s only been identified for about 9 years, the true numbers haven’t been revealed.

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