PollyAnna Please Rise

Have you ever seen a movie named Pollyanna? Its about a girl who goes to live with her rich aunt after the girl pollyanna loses her parents who were missionaries over seas. Pollyanna believes there is good in everyday weirdness she believes you need to find the glad.

She calls it the glad game, the movie focus on how she changes the place she lives because she truly wants to be glad, and the people around her she shows how to be glad in a very little world that isn’t always so glad.

This ,movie is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it a lot. I love her. That is who i wanted to be like. So try. Everyday to be glad for the deepest darkest things I don’t want but you have to be glad.

Spolider at the end of the movie, pollyanna falls down off a high tree and she is unable to move her legs, she is paralyzed, but the town comes together as pollyanna becomes so sad that she can’t walk and she feels like this over, all the gladness is gone she feels. But the town pulls together and shows Pollyanna how being glad is always a choice, so she as she is sent off to the hospital has peopled lined up telling pollyanna she is amazing, she is joy within herself.

She doesn’t all the sudden walk. And the movie ends with a happy ending, thats not what happens. It ends happy with pollyanna being unable to walk but finding the gladness in not walking. In being yourself. In being who you truly are. Pollyanna finds the glad. She doesn’t stop believing in glad because she’s sick. She is ok with gladness being scary.

I    I am the pollyanna I need to be. I have to find gladness. Not find sad and be mad I will not stop my joy my gladness because my body is failing me. At least. At least I can be so glad that I am able to keep living with the most amazing world I have found gladness in scary times but I keep gladness all day..

So anyone want to join me shay weasel in being a pollyanna? In finding gladness? Pollyannas please rise. I have faith in God that I that you can do this. God. He is gladness.


I am gladly Shayweasel.

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