Be jealous of all this..

I’ve had a few people tell me they are jealous I can stay home and watch tv all day! Or that I’m able to read all the time! To be able to eat a bunch of calories and not worry about gaining weight or that I’m so skinny! But honestly if your gonna be jealous of something here

I’m very sassy!

I’m beautiful!

I’m creative!

My parents are steve and Sherri!

My niece Rory knows more then you do!

My niece Wavey is a very fiery red head!

I have twin sisters who are way more beautiful then any other twins!

My nephew Carson is very excitebul

My best friend Jazzy can tell you everyone in our favorite tv shows names!

All dogs love me!

I know every episode of the walking dead! And I’ve seen it twice!

My best friend Macy is one of the funniest people I know and has a great heart!

My sister Stephie is selfless and kind and always gives her helping hand on anything!

I am very good at finding my way around!

I can tell you weird facts about anything! Facts you never wanted to know!

My sister Sam is a quietly loud person with a heart of gold and kindness flows out of her!

I’ve been to Washington state during a toxic stuff released into the air be jealous of that somehow..

I have amazingly wonderful family!

I’m very good at sitting and talking!

I’m a great cook!

My friends are amazingly fab!

My best friend Dara is amazingly sweet and the best gift giver I’ve ever known!

My mom can paint wonderfully!! She can sing more amazing then anyone I know!!

My papa is an amazing reader singer and funny and wonderful at speaking!

My sister vana is super smart she always keeps herself doing things for others!

My brother Sean is one to ask if you have any questions about sports and cares so much about everyone no matter what!

My best friend Josephine can talk just as much as me!!!

This is what you should be jealous about! Be jealous of these friends these family theses facts theses laughs!!

Be jealous of all this!

Shayweasel isn’t jealous!

realizing Relief Requires Relaying

I don’t like seeing others in pain. I don’t want anyone to ever have a battle in life even through we all do. I don’t want anyone to go through anything like I have. So when life gets scary I want to hold tight to my friends and let them know I’m here.

The thing is I’m not physically close to most of my friends. I see them lose there freedom. And then every time I see God.

I lived in Seaboard a small town with lots of people over 60… a lot of them little old ladies! I loved them all!! As I lived there my papa started taking me with him on his visits to their houses or hospital or nursing home. The longer we were there the more my heart fall in love with going to visit people.

I started riding my bike and going to there house sometimes sitting on the porch talking to them. They were always so kind.

I believe in God, I beleive He knew how to make my life. You can find the lines He put in place for me to be here!

I didn’t have a lot of friends my age but I got good at being pen pals at sitting in waiting rooms with family as they waited for their loved ones. I got good at asking questions so I could keep someone talking. I got good at being around pumps, wires helping cool weird foods and being kind listening and not getting annoyed when someone would tell me the same thing ten times. I felt calm. I learned how people are people no matter what we see. Leo Boone was a man who was paralyzed from the neck down. He was always smiling.

I learned animals are amazing at making people connect sometimes. It’s not that I didn’t already know these things I just learned more about them.

When I was in the hospital even if it was for me or someone else I didn’t mind I had done this before. People always told me I’d make a great nurse I normally told them thank you. Deep down I knew I felt something I needed to be.. and medical was involved.

My friends have health problems, my family does too. I learned and owe more to how God set my life up then any thing I can imagine.

I didn’t want to relay on anyone but truthful I have too. The person I have to relay on that each of us has to relay on is God.

People sometimes act as is you are stronger when you don’t replay on others. And truly it is you are stronger when you relay on others.

You will never be able to find relief without Realizing that it Requires relating on others. Everyone needs to be able to have others relay on them and others to relay on its a balance.

Shayweasel realizing Relief Requires Relaying

It’s been life

2017 has been a wonderful year

This year my sister Sammiy, and brother in law Matt had a beautiful baby who I call bear! She is a amazing little Rae!

I got to go on a road trip to Texas first time doing so since before my coma in 2015.

Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle was adopted into our life!!!

After years and years of doctors saying my seizures were all in my emotions I had a 72 hour EEG which showed that I was having a 4-10 second seizure every few minutes because of this the other Doctors and neurologist had just seen that that was my “normal” brain waves or that I recovered fast when I had seizures but the thing is I was always seizing. I was always recovering none stop. I was diagnosed with a rare deadly epilepsy disorder.

I got to see my best friend Jazzy!! Who stayed for two weeks! I hadn’t giggled and laugh that much!!

I watched a lot of tv, Netflix, movies, and people watched!

I got to see my grandma and grandpa Trussell who I hadn’t seen in years.

I got to see My aunt Gale and Uncle Bud and talk and enjoy being with them in forever

My aunt gale and uncle bud are amazingly wonderful! They lost there house because of hurricane Harvey and they kept being worried about my parents car that was totaled during the hurricane. They lost their home. They are so selfless! I got to see God truly shine through there life’s for the kind loving and beauty both of them have. They have always opened there home to so many people. Taking care of my grandpa and my aunt Helen both of them working full time, grieving the death of their son Trevor, they kept going and they still do. I’m very thankful for the love, selflessness they have.

My best friends JoJo (Joanna Du) had a beautiful little boy named Cru!! Who I call Sheep!

My best friend AnnaJoh (Johanna) {yes both of my best friends who had babies this year are Both names Johanna and both had sons} Her baby Atticus who I call tiger!!

I had a Vagus nerve stimulator with pulse that has helped a major amount with my seizures and heart the VNS helps by sending pulses into my brain and to my heart to keep them under control!

I had a PEGJ feeding tube placed for long term use. The feeding tube has helped. I eat 16-24 hours a day I can do it in the shower while sleeping I can eat anywhere anytime!

I got closer to my friends my family my nieces and nephew!

God has blessed me so much!

My goal for 2018 is to make it to 2019

Shayweasel watching tv..

Death by Autism

Life threatening …..

I have had so many different times not be able to get help or to understand what to fear where danger is or was and what to do.11th birthday party in 2003

I’ve always been around “different”

Walking alone at night seemed simple no one else was around so I thought it was safer I don’t like seeing a lot of people at once so the quiet of night seemed better.

In 2015 I woke up from a coma and the doctors all said I was faking the seizures that put me in a coma in the first place. I was in a coma. I don’t know how I faked that you never know… I guess but the reason they said it was because I woke up from seizures to fast, I knew to much about seizures comas feeding tubes central lines and medical things. I was seeeking attention they said.

Well I’m autistic I can tell you about a lot of things I don’t even care to know about but I don’t forget facts if I hear it normally I’ll remember random things.

I have a very high level of brain activing going on at all times. I’ve been this way most of my life, I stare off and can answer what you said all the sudden even if I had a seizure but here is why I have high brain activing

I didn’t know I was being so different

During an eeg I had for about 3 days I was shown to be having a 5-30 second seizure every few minutes.. so truly if you think about it I came to fast from a seizures because I’m normally having a seizure so my personality is basically me seizing so my normal is not normal.

I was talking fasting and just kept talking for 40 minutes my dr saw on the eeg I was having a seizure for 40 minutes non stop I was aware but I wasn’t in control.

In June of 2017 I was put into the icu after I had had a mini stroke, I was freaking out crying to my parents not because I had a mini stroke no I was horrified that the hospital was going to let me die. Because I’ve come so close before.

It’s never been easy but it’s never been harder to have doctors nurses medical staff to act like I’m in there way. Like I don’t matter. I fear one day I’ll end up in the ER and the doctors let me die.

Right now I’m not as scared as I use to be. The doctors I have right now have saved me instead of pushing me out the door to another doctor. None of them blamed my autism like many had over and over again. No they all worked hard to figure out what to do. I notice a lot that’s part of my problem it’s what my autism does for me.

My Neuro doctor never once said let’s see if this is autism no he said ok let’s get some Medicines do test do scans it all…

They found more then they knew they would. This year 2017 I have had about 4/5 seizures. I’ve had about five EEGs. A lot of procures and things.

The doctors kept trying and they did a good job.

I have a VNS in my chest which is a device that sends pulse into my brain to help calm my seizures or stop them all together.

I have a feeding tube in my stomach that goes into my small intestines.

A picc line in my arm for Medicines fluids transfusions blood all fun things..

But you know what? None of them took away my autism and that’s ok I know for sure that I took away the doctors power of my autism. It is not what they are allowed to blame. I am autistic. But I also have epilepsy, Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, eosinophilic esophagitis, heart defect, mast cell activation syndrome, MDS a blood disorder, asthma and more…

Shayweasel is still autistic!

I’m Not Like Everyone Else Who Has Feeding Tube

Feeding tubes come in all shapes and sizes, literally, you have your NJ tubes those go up your nose down your esophagus to your stomach then to your small intestines. You have your GJ tube which goes into your stomach to and into your small intestines.

There are more lots more. It’s amazing how as humans can be feed.

Now don’t get me wrong but I’m not like everyone else with a feeding tube.. I don’t have it for the same reason they do. I don’t use the same foods/drinks or formula they use. There are dozens more reasons why.

But the main reason I’m not like everyone else with a feeding tube is because everyone isn’t the same.

We forget sometimes that millions of feeeding tubes are placed in people’s body.

I don’t know everyone’s story and that’s ok feeding tubes are a hopeful remind to me that there is always something to try and keep us alive.

When it comes to anything in life we aren’t the same. And that’s a good thing.

Be a tubie or at least be nice to a tubie! A tubie is someone who has a feeding tube(s).

Shayweasel is a tubie

Dear Stranger Things

I wrote a blog post last year about the flashing lights that happen so much in the 1 season.

Thank you Stranger Things! I noticed as I watched how little flashing lights and I love that.

I didn’t have to cover my eyes so much. I sat and watched them all and could rewatch this season over and over.

I’m so grateful for less flashing lights it means a lot to me. I watch TV I’m the person who can tell you everything about the walking dead..

Thank you for making this awesome show!! And keep up with the less flashing lights!

Shayweasel is most likely gonna go watch Stranger Things

Kneel before needing

As long as I’ve been a human I’ve had a relationship with God. I have spent many hours crying out to go through out my life. I have seen people on their death bed crying out to God. I’ve seen a still born baby in the arms of a mother who weeps to God.

But the thing I’ve seen less of is someone kneeling before God before they needed something. They didn’t drop to there knees and say how much they love their father daily. Not because something horrible has happened but the reason you pray more in the bad times is that when everything is going easily for you… Satan isn’t going to attack you if your not upsetting him going against his ways.

I’ve seen it through I’ve seen people kneel on there knees praying daily. My family is one of them.

Now you might go but bad people have stuff happen to them too. But sometimes it’s not Satan attacking them or that God hates them.

God gave us the Bible theses commandments to help us not hurt us. This is the safety protocol of God.

People who know nothing of the Lord and they have something bad happen or something of that matter it’s because when you don’t follow the rules you get hurt.

Over all sin is the reason for all the evil in the world. The cure for evil is the God. And you know when you get saved or ask God in your heart you might think everything is going to get easier but honestly it’s gonna get hard because sinning is easy and Satan doesn’t want you to follow God.

Back to my first point is when you only pray when bad things happen you miss out on getting to know God.

If that one person you have who only calls you when they “need” money a place to live then sometimes you don’t want to answer the call…. and God He always answers..

Shayweasel being deep out….