Oversharing who?

I don’t like writing bios because I always feel like I focus on one or two things more then others and life isn’t made up like that! It’s made of so many more things, yes I have chronic illnesses most of which have almost killed me more then once, yes my papa was a pastor, yes I was homeschooled and the youngest off five children, yes I have autism, yes my mom has shown me the Lord and made me who I am, yes I have a service dog named Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle, yes my niece Rory named her..

So yes there is a lot going on and yes I did say yes way to many times but that’s my point.

You know it doesn’t always seem like we can handle everything that comes our way but we can’t we can however handle things with Gods help that we can do.

I’ve been in comas, I’ve been bitten by a bat that my cat brought to me when I was inside cooking, I’ve been dead and alive all at the same time, I’ve been saved by God’s Grace.

I’m an adult who has a caretaker, and a respite caregiving (giving my main caretaker who is my mom time off and time so she can take care of herself.) who comes 14 hours a week. I’m an adult who needs care yet wants so hard to not need it. I’m trying to learn to do what I know God needs me to be!

Gods still working on me, and I’m still working on letting him work on me.

Today tomorrow the new things will come my way and we will figure it out..

By we I do mean we the Lord the friends and family who I trust and adore. That’s we.

My name is Shannon DeRose, my name comes from both of my grandmas, my hope comes from the Lord, my nicknames come from my papa calling me ShayBay and my siblings calling me weasel like Erik called his sister Morgan on the TV show Boy Meets World, so here I’m Shayweasel!