I have chronic incurable diagnoses…

 My body is fully and utterly failing me, I’m living in a broken body but it doesn’t mean I’m broken. I enjoy my life. I enjoy being alive and I enjoy my world that I have the wonderful chance of living in. I am not going to let the illnesses get in the way of my life but they will.

  Right now my heart is going down hill, I have seizures, blackouts, allergic reactions, fainting, falling, dislocations, vomiting, nausea, pain, swallowing problems, hives, anaphylactic reactions, and breathing problems daily.

  But I also laugh everyday and I get to be alive everyday. I have been in a coma, I have been intubated, I have been in anaphylaxis so many times. I have lived every day in pain for the past few years but I’ve also get to watch my nieces and nephew grow up and be adopted and be amazing!! Be born and watch the world become a better place.

  I have incurable diagnoses but I have a life that needs no change. My diagnoses have done so many horrid things to my body but my mind and my love of life has not come down.

  Each disease, each syndrome, each rare weird problem I face I do not face alone… With a family that has my back and a team of friends that are more amazing than anything I could have asked for.. I am fighting. No one fights alone in my life.

  But even with the pain some wonderful things have come out of them, I have met some of the most amazingly fantastically people in my life!! I have friends like Macy, Dara, Jazzy, Rachel, Heather, Ashley, Aileen, and many more they all have chronic incurable diseases and diagnoses, but that doesn’t make them give up, all of them are amazing people and without my diagnoses I wouldn’t have met them. I’m thankful for hashtags and a spoonie world that I get to live in.

 I enjoy each day more than I ever knew people could. I enjoy the little things like watching movies with my sister! Phone calls and skype and texts that make me laugh. I enjoy my life. Even if I’m horribly sick at times every day is amazing you have to find happiness and you have to find love and joy in everything you do!!!
  Click through and learn more about the diseases and diagnoses that I face on a daily basis. Its not as scary as you think living with these monsters but it is scary.. I’m just glad I’m not alone. If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!