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How am I a Foodie? Well I love Food, when I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with food allergies, I had to then learn to make food I could safely eat, in January of 2015 I got diagnosed with more food allergies, right now the food allergies are a long list of things like wheat, soy, corn, nuts, beef, and lots of other things.

I love to cook, so I started trying to come up with recipes, and foodie things. I really enjoy taking photos of food which might be weird, if you want me to do some recipes so let me know…

I also have Gastroparesis which cause my stomach to not work so I have to eat weird foods with that. And eosinophilic esophagitis which cause my eosinophilic cells a type of white blood cells to attack my esophagus..

Food even if you eat through a feeding tube, or if you eat through your heart by TPN, or however, food is a need and it will save your life, sometimes food can be hard but it’s possible.

Foodie life is fantastic, and finding foods that are safe and taste good is really possible, so find my recipes on this websites and follow me on Pinterest for food things!! Be a Foodie and Shay-De Foodie Fridays every other Friday which I will give you recipes or food related things and talk about food and allergies and life!!

2 thoughts on “Foodie?

  1. Hey, I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis too! Mine is much milder, comes in chronic cycles/flare ups (though I’ve been doing ok for the past few months) and we never figured out the cause of it (food allergies, acid, etc). Have you tried steroid powders for your EOE/have they helped at all? They helped me sometimes when I was having bad flareups and couldn’t swallow.

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