It’s been life

2017 has been a wonderful year

This year my sister Sammiy, and brother in law Matt had a beautiful baby who I call bear! She is a amazing little Rae!

I got to go on a road trip to Texas first time doing so since before my coma in 2015.

Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle was adopted into our life!!!

After years and years of doctors saying my seizures were all in my emotions I had a 72 hour EEG which showed that I was having a 4-10 second seizure every few minutes because of this the other Doctors and neurologist had just seen that that was my “normal” brain waves or that I recovered fast when I had seizures but the thing is I was always seizing. I was always recovering none stop. I was diagnosed with a rare deadly epilepsy disorder.

I got to see my best friend Jazzy!! Who stayed for two weeks! I hadn’t giggled and laugh that much!!

I watched a lot of tv, Netflix, movies, and people watched!

I got to see my grandma and grandpa Trussell who I hadn’t seen in years.

I got to see My aunt Gale and Uncle Bud and talk and enjoy being with them in forever

My aunt gale and uncle bud are amazingly wonderful! They lost there house because of hurricane Harvey and they kept being worried about my parents car that was totaled during the hurricane. They lost their home. They are so selfless! I got to see God truly shine through there life’s for the kind loving and beauty both of them have. They have always opened there home to so many people. Taking care of my grandpa and my aunt Helen both of them working full time, grieving the death of their son Trevor, they kept going and they still do. I’m very thankful for the love, selflessness they have.

My best friends JoJo (Joanna Du) had a beautiful little boy named Cru!! Who I call Sheep!

My best friend AnnaJoh (Johanna) {yes both of my best friends who had babies this year are Both names Johanna and both had sons} Her baby Atticus who I call tiger!!

I had a Vagus nerve stimulator with pulse that has helped a major amount with my seizures and heart the VNS helps by sending pulses into my brain and to my heart to keep them under control!

I had a PEGJ feeding tube placed for long term use. The feeding tube has helped. I eat 16-24 hours a day I can do it in the shower while sleeping I can eat anywhere anytime!

I got closer to my friends my family my nieces and nephew!

God has blessed me so much!

My goal for 2018 is to make it to 2019

Shayweasel watching tv..

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