I’m a Drug Seeker, Because there are no drugs for my diseases

A will of power is sorta the way you have to live, you have to find a way to make the best of the stupidest thing the FDA has no treatment for me. But there are over 7000 rare diseases and so like guess what we are rarely finding cures or treatments for these diseases, its sorta like you go so long for looking for what is wrong and then to find out what is wrong has no treatment, no cure, and your parents your friends they have watch as their friend, their sister, their daughter they have to watch as the diseases that take these humans away because no one knows what to do.

I’m seeking drugs but not ones from the strechy gas station.

I am seeking help. But only problem is that sometimes the dr gives you this medicine and then you go to get the medicine filled and insurance says they won’t pay. So what are we suppose to do? How is this going to be ok. And sometimes this is the reason I end up in the ER or different doctors offinces trying to be able to find some to help me be able to live a full long life.

I’m seeking drugs that would help with all diseases. All rare and common. I want my friends, family, everyone really so they don’t have to be in so much pain t have to die with doctors who don’t even know of these diseases . So I’m a drug seeker till the day I die of a disease without treatment for my diseases.

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