Things you only hear parents of sick kids say

1. I didn’t find any drugs in your room do you know where they are?

2. We don’t have ice cream in the house so I’m going to the store now.

3. She has only had five seizures today so that’s good.

4. Do you have any needles?

5. You cleaned the kitchen? I told you not too.

6. We are going out be in the same place when we get back.

7. Oh no the dog is allowed in the ICU it’s a service dog.

8. Do you have (random disease here) I can’t keep track of them.

9. Don’t take a shower by yourself.

10. How many epipens did you use? Only 4 right? That’s a pretty good week.

11. We busy on fridays we go to the hospital.

12. I can’t seem to keep your wheelchairs seat belt from getting tangled in your wheels.

13. Yea she’s fine she’s just having a seizure.

13. Your drugs are in my room

14. Eat something that has the most sugar in it.

15. (Something falls and makes loud nose everyone in the yells “ARE YOU OK SHAY”

2 thoughts on “Things you only hear parents of sick kids say

  1. This is so true.. right now I have be with some 24/7 so nurse..but so true we say all that stuff here too love.. what about ice cream thing confused


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