My lovely parents 

As the past few years have been horribly hard but yet amazingly beautiful! My wonderful mom and papa both have been willingly to be here. They have given things up. They have become my caretakers. A role that might

Seem small to some but to me it is what I need. Everyday my parents have to deal with very talkative not around people much shay which I’ll admit can be annoying and hard. My mom has dealt with my emotions everyday. Tells me positive things and keeps moving forward. My mom in the past few years has had at different times take care of me and my papa. My papa had open heart surgery in July of 2015 I had my first coma during July 2015 did the stress from being in a coma Make his heart attack? Most likely because if you were insanely calm while your child was in a coma i think it would be worrisome. But with grace tears and lots of fighting for me and with me. As we all tried to fight off death. We came closer. My parents have had every reason to be horrified for my life. I have watched and felt the guilt of being in and out of the hospital. Being sick. Being someone who wanted to take care of my parents when they got older. But instead they had to take care of me. My papa is strong and brave and has looked up disease after disease. Medicine after medicine. Medical history.. it’s not easy believe me. I am amazed by the love and kindness of my parents

  My mom is so amazing. She is one of the most Godly women you will ever be lucky enough to know. Both my parents are wise humble and loving. I’m insanely blessed to have them and to love them. I love them more then I could say  

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