Lines in my brain 

About four years ago I sat down and drew a weird drawing. It was weird and didn’t look that cool or anything but since my first coma, (words that shouldn’t be together “my first coma”) I have made more of these drawings of lines and weird things on paper.   I think I make them to sorta show what it’s like to live inside my brain… 

  This line here this line there now try and find your way in… where do I start and where do I end it doesn’t matter and when I make these drawings I find peace in knowing I don’t need to be perfect to be beautiful. Because it’s a beautiful mess I’m in. 
   I wish only to be better understood. So I hold on to the happiness I found in my ugg boots and cozy blankets. I don’t give into the lines I give the lines in. And I remember that nothing has to look a center way to be beautiful. We are all so different…. 
My lines in my head are black, purple, pink… the other colors can be found. Know take a step back and remember why you are who you are…
  Wasting your time on fear only hurts you…
Enjoy some photos of my lines breaking in my brain. To let me know that nothing is to fear. And fear it’s self can’t kill me. But a walnut surely could kill me. But I come in with epipens in hand and I draw

Lines and I find hope inside me. 

Shayweasel… here… 

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