Advantages to Have a Failing Body

Am I getting special treatments? Or am I getting treatment to make me equal?! Am I equal to what I can be as a human? Do you need help carrying things up stairs like

Your purse or backpack? Do you need help showering? Does your mom say no cooking or anything while I’m upstairs. Don’t even go into the kitchen! This is my reality but it’s not treatment so I can have an Advanrahe over someone else. It’s so I can be equal.

Where is my Advantage you Might ask? Does being this different? This sick! Being autistic!
My advantage is that I will understand people better then I did. I’m more caring than I have ever been. I love deeper. I am thankful and grateful for what I do have. I’m thankful for my family more. I’m thankful for my rare diseases for my failing body!! 

I’m thankful for me.
I have an advantage over others I do. I have the advantage of living beautifully because no one can kill my soul. Someone already took my spirt out and gave it to the ocean and I never found that one but I made one Better.

My advantage is that I am dying… why not take advantage of my voice that I have in the world? I’m not perfect but I’m perfectly beautiful.

I am
Taking advantage of myself. I will take advantage of the failing body I live inside. I will not always win the way others do but I will win the way I need to.

So my series I do get an advantage over people who aren’t disablied or who haven’t had to deal with differences or rare diseases. I have the advantage to take everything I need and enjoy others. Enjoy simple. 

Enjoy minute to minute. I can find happiness. Because it’s everywhere if you look. It’s not easy but I found happiness. I have the best advantage over some… I have God, fantastically friends and family. And I will always take advantage of this My main advantage over thing is I’m not failing my failing body. I’m straight lemon juice. I will not water down things to make you feel comfortable.


I will be taking advantage of who I am as a human. I promise to fight everyday for the next years to survive but more then that I will take advantage to choose Joy! To find happiness in every day life. If I stay positive. If I stay joyful, if I find the Pollyanna in myself then I am doing my job.


I have a window of happiness of beautifuliness that I can change my world if I let others in. If I let myself be who I am. I have the power to survive… I am taking advantage of dying..

I’m taking Advantage of ShayWeaseling

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