Taken Advantage of the people who care for you…

I ask my mom, my sister stephie, my papa, Nick, I have asked a lot of them. I have used there kindness for my own good. I have let things just go south and been worse off because I would get needed rude and wouldn’t always be positive about things.




 I’m sorry, I’m sorry that this is so hard for you, I know watching someone be sick is hard.. You don’t want me to be in pain you don’t want me to be mean to you either. Its hard you are not a doctor you are not a nurse but you are a amazing caretakers you all have been. And I don’t make it easy on you guys a lot of the time.

 Being a caretaker isn’t easy these people can be anyone from parents to friends to sisters to sisters boyfriends to my brother to my brothers girlfriends. Its anyone. Any family, its any friend.

  They have a hard job, they work thankless Jobs sometimes they listen to my rants my rudeness and my mean hearted scared out of my mind yelling and crying. I don’t want to die which sometimes just makes me cry.

 I know that everyday they have to wake up and take care of someone who is sick and might not get better  parents are suppose to have their children take care of them in there older age byt my parents got a strange thing they have to take care of me. As they watch in fear of what will happen next.

  I don’t want anyone to be scared of me to be worried about me. The caretaker job is a lot of work, I’m sorry to my caretakers to my family and my friends when I am not positive and when I’m bing mean unkind and have words that hurt. I’m sorry for the way I have taken advantage of you… I’m so so sorry I have taken advantage of you. You don’t need to be taken advantage of when you are trying to let me be able to save my life. I’m sorry that things are hard.

 But most of all Thank you for being here when everyone else didn’t know what to do. Thank you for believing me thank you for holding on to me. Thank you for loving me. To all the caretakers out there please know we love you,..

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