Taken Advantage as A Chronically Ill women

  It’s just “women” pain he told her as she sat in pain crying. Her husband had brought her to the hospital because the pain was so bad but what that doctor didn’t know is that her body had started to shut down and it was then and there that her “period” problems became her organs failing. Her women organs failing. If my heart was failing would you stop and go it’s just heart pain getnover it?

   No you wouldn’t so why does a women where her ovaries shut down. Go into failure are a “just” pain. Can’t it be I’m having pain. Not your just having chest pain like people’s pain isn’t valid. It is unfair that because we are young women or older women or women of any age (and some men who still have there periods) have to have a just pain. I shouldn’t be in so much pain. 
   No one should be. 

  My best friend is having to have a hysterectomy because she is basically in organ failure. You tell me that a 27 year old women shouldn’t be having a hysterectomy. That’s to young. But I’m pretty sure if doctors would have taken her period pain more serious because it was serous. 

   Then maybe this wouldn’t be happening.. because this isn’t fair to her. But what is more unfair is that it took this long for someone to find the problem. The young women who I’ve become friends with all seem to have one thing that doctors blame on. That’s period

Pain. They say things can’t be that painful and that people

Need to sorta get over themselves. But what they don’t understand is that “just” didn’t do the pain justice. Because pain she was feeling was and can kill her. She isn’t over reacting. Now she under reacts because people have hurt her every hour of her life when it came

To period pain. Because it’s not a big deal to have to have a hysterectomy at 27 and having to remove dead organ tissue. 
   What would you do? How can we stop being taken advantage of in the medical world? 

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