To The People Who Say “You Don’t Have Autism”

Ok mostly likely you are a friend, family, a doctor, or someone random… When I say I have autism, it’s not a question I’m asking an answer for.. I’m telling you. I’m stating a fact. I indeed have autism. I can be pretty good at trying hard for people to not see my autism but the best way I know how to explain that I have autism is this..

  When I was 17 years old my papa pastured a church in a small town of 700 people who all adored me and thought I was fantastic! So for my 17 birthday they got together and threw me a surprise party… On the way to the church next door To the house we lived in I figured it out and had a panic attack… I wanted to leave I saw leaving and not going inside as an option I saw nothing wrong with not going in because I was scared of a party for me… I socially saw nothing wrong with not going… When I was 11 years old I had a birthday party at cicis pizza my mom got me Chinese food from the place next door and I Ate that as my friends are pizza… It was cheaper to have my party there even through I wasn’t a huge fan of pizza… I socially see nothing wrong with leaving my own birthday party, crying and falling to the floor in front of 200 people… 
  I have something called autism I love bright colored clothes, I really love some things and have such strong opinions about random things… Like Twilight and bullying… I can pretty much tell you I’m obsessed with arrows, music, Taylor swift, walking dead, bates motel, and a lot of other movies. I love Nancy Drew, movies and books, my favourite of author is Sarah Dessen. 

  I have autism a few rare diseases a heart defect that no dr so far have ever seen, nieces, a nephew, parents and siblings… Having autism isn’t an opinion, I didn’t choose it, but I have it. It’s a thing in my brain… 

  Growing up my parents didn’t know a lot about it. Because before really 2004 no one really wanted to talk about or knew what it was. It wasn’t till I saw max on parenthood that I was like ohhh yup.. It’s not weird… I have disablities and I have abilities. I’m ShayWeasel and nothing is wrong with that. 

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