A medical mess in a medical mess

 Every week a home health pharmacy brings 9 bags full of medicines, iv stuff, 7 bags of fluids, some vitamins, about 300 saline flushes, two boxes of gloves…. And some random other stuff… On a weekly basis I put some medicine in a small fridge in the kitchen and the other stuff into my bedroom… so once a week I have a very messy room till I put all of my stuff away… I was in the ER twice this week.. Why!? Its confusing.. But one of the nurses had a thing on her shirt that said “What a beautiful mess..” I asked her where she got the sticker and she said that she was working at a blood drive and someone was wearing it… as she said this the dr walked into the room and he goes “I was reading your chart your a medical mess what can I do to help”

 I smiled and told him what he needed to know.. The nurse said as she left the er room “What a beautiful mess..” leaving me in the room alone.. I knew I am a beautifully medical mess…

 When I read about the diseases I have I laugh because.. I am just what these diseases look for.. And my body does whatever it feels like…

 The  next day when the load of medical stuff sat on my floor I was a medical mess in a medical mess,, I don’t ever want to be anything but me.. I am fantastic, I couldn’t be anymore me…. So welcome to my medical mess that is my life as I confuse doctors on a daily basis with sass and laughter.. I am not failing.. Its medically messy but what a beautiful medically mess my life is… 

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