The Mighty 

I’ve never thought that a website I found randomly almost by mistake would turn my world inside out and show me sometimes being honest is a good choice..
About a year ago I stumbled upon a blog post with a link to a website called The mighty.. I had no clue till I pushed that link what I was about to read and what was about to send me into tears as I read a blog post about a mother of a medically complex child and how she knew her child would die but that didn’t make her treat her differently then her other children. 
This was the first of about 10 post I would read.. 
The post would be about anything from being diagnosed with something rare to what it’s like having a panic attack to a mother of a NICU baby To someone who just is pleading for the dr to understand. 
The mighty is a site that raises more awareness for chronically ill, rare diseases, mental illnesses, disabilities, rare diagnoses, it raises awareness for the people who sometimes get put in the corner because they have “so called sad” stories or they only want to show the good the brave and the amazing days but the bad days and the photos of a child thin with a feeding tube hanging out of their stomach is proudly shown on the mighty a women with tubes from her central line that is her true and utterly life line hanging proudly as you wear a bikini on the beach and when you don’t care if you stare and this website doesn’t hide any of it.

  It stays that we want to show what it’s like and they make there promise.. 

Because of this website I’ve had multiple things published on the site it’s self and in aAugust of this year I was able to be published on The Huffinton Post which has always been a dream of mine. I was able to raise awareness for the diseases that are killing me.

 Showing my post and seeing the awaresnss isn’t all the mighty has done for me. And my family. My papa know reads the post and he tells me that they have helped him understand me and not feel so alone at times. 

 The Huffinton Post blog that was shared has been shared over 4000 times last time I checked which is truly amazing! But the most amazing thing that came out of it was I got a message from a girl her name is Jazzy and she now is called my bff! I’ve never met her in person but our love of the walking dead and so many other things. She wrote me she found me because of that post she reached out her hand and I took it.
The Mighty shows that being Mighty is hard but That you never are alone and that you truly fight like hell but you never are truly alone. That theses diseases and things are so scary to deal with but that there are so many people dealing with things simler to what you are going through. You don’t have to be like everyone else to be amazing! 

  The Mighty is for the Mighty people fighting daily a battle that we can’t always see. The Mighty has people running this website that are truly amazing! The Mighty is showing that the differences we have should be rejoiced nor put in a corner and that showing that you are in pain and that you are grieving and that you have bad days that that doesn’t make you less strong that it makes you honestly strong and so brave. And if there is any one thing I had to pick that the Mighty is doing better then most websites. It’s showing that Bravey sometimes  is just asking for help and being honest… 

I’m grateful for a website that isn’t scared of what they show but they are brave enough to show everything that comes along with being brave and sick. 
The Mighty is truly a Mighty site! 
The Mighty Website

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